What Are All Of Jody Allen’s Children Whom She Had With Brian Patton?

Jody Allen, born Jo Lynn Allen, is a businesswoman, philanthropist, and entrepreneur from America. She is the sister of Paul Allen, and after he passed away in October 2018, she took control of the Seattle Seahawks, the Octopus super-yacht, and the Portland Trail Blazers. She has established herself as one of the successful business personalities.

Unfortunately, Jody’s marital life with Brian Patton could not be thriving like her professional career. After being married for over two decades, the former couple separated. While they were together, the pair welcomed three kids, who have already grown up. So, in today’s article, let’s learn about Jody Allen’s children. See what they are doing these days. Read More

Jake Sarver, Zach Sarver And Max Sarver, Meet All Of Robert Sarver’s Sons

Any sports fan might be familiar with the name Robert Sarver. If that doesn’t ring the bell, then he is the owner of the Phoenix Suns. The American businessman also owns the Phoenix Mercury and RCD Mallorca. Despite all the controversies, the co-founder of Southwest Value Partners has earned immense fortune to his name.

When everyone shows their back to you in tough times, there’s always your family who will accept you in their arms and won’t judge you. In the case of the NBA team owner, his family has always been his rock. He lives a comfortable life with his wife, Penny Sanders, with whom he shares three sons. So, what are Robert Sarver’s children doing? Let’s find out in this article. Read More

Robert Sarver’s Wife Penny Sanders – Involvement In Charity And Career

Robert Sarver, born Robert Gary Sarver, is a renowned businessman from Tucson, Arizona. He is the co-founder of Southwest Value Partners, a real estate development company. Furthermore, he also owns several sports teams like Phoenix Mercury, RCD Mallorca, and Phoenix Suns.

Talking about his personal life, the businessman is a family guy and spends a lot of time with his spouse and kids. He has been happily married to Penny Sanders for many years now. So, how did it start for the duo? To find out that, take a look at this article about Robert Sarver’s wife. Read More

7 Fast Facts About Connie Snyder, She Is Steve Ballmer’s Wife Since 1990

For Steve Ballmer, his success is not only because of his hard work but also due to his loving and supportive family. Talking of which, he is the patriarch of a family of five. The business magnate and investor has been happily married to Connie Snyder, and it has been a long and fun ride for the couple.

Over the years, the duo has continued enjoying their marital bliss and even welcomed three kids. With the popularity that he gained, many are curious to know about Steve’s partner. Therefore, without further ado, take a look at this article about Steve Ballmer’s wife, which includes seven interesting facts about her. Read More

Tilman Fertitta’s Daughter Blayne Fertitta Is Making A Name For Herself

In the business world, Tilman Fertitta is a popular name. The business mogul was born Tilman Joseph Fertitta in Galveston, Texas, and went to the University of Houston but eventually dropped out. He is known for being the CEO, chairman, and owner of Landry’s, Inc. Furthermore, he owns the National Basketball Association team, Houston Rockets.

Talking about his personal life, the businessman is a proud father of four children, whom he shares with his former wife, Paige Fertitta. All four of them have already grown up and are doing good professionally and personally. As Fertitta has been in the limelight for many years, people are curious to know about his kids; thus, in today’s article, we will learn about Tilman Fertitta’s daughter, Blayne Fertitta. Read More

John Velazquez’s Wife Leona O’Brien – Mother Of Two

In the jockey world, John Velazquez is a renowned name. Born John R. Velazquez, he is a jockey from Puerto Rico. Although he started his professional career in his birth country, he only rose to prominence after he came to the USA and began participating in several horse racing events. Furthermore, he was also inducted into the Horse Racing Hall of Fame in 2012.

Besides his successful career, John also leads a loving family of four. He is happily married to Leona O’Brien, and it must have been a fun-filled journey for the couple. So, how did it start for the duo, and what is the reason behind their long-lasting bond? Let’s find out in this article about John Velazquez’s wife. Read More

John Harbaugh’s Wife Ingrid Harbaugh – Met Before He Working In The NFL

John Harbaugh, born John William Harbaugh, is not a new name in the American football arena. Since 1984, he has been serving behind the bench and is currently the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. Having been in the sports world for many years, John has amassed considerable fortune and fame.

The majority of football fans who know Harbaugh are mostly interested in his personal life. Talking of which, he is joyfully married to Ingrid Harbaugh, who has been by his side even before he rose to fame. So, what is the reason behind their long-lasting marriage? Let’s find out in this article about John Harbaugh’s wife Read More

Debbe Dunning, Interesting Facts Including Her Net Worth And Husband

Debbe Dunning is a renowned name in the entertainment industry. Having her career spanning over four decades, she has gained immense fame, making her globally renowned. Alongside popularity, she must have accumulated immense fortune to her name. Thus, how much is Debbe’s net worth, and how much has she amassed?

However, Debbe’s marriage could not be long-lasting and successful like her professional career. She was married to Steve Timmons for 21 years and eventually got divorced. So, what went wrong between the pair? Therefore, take a look at some interesting facts about the actress. Read More

Glen Taylor’s Wife Becky Mulvihill – How Did It Begin For The Couple?

The business tycoon, Glen Taylor, is a self-made businessman with a fortune worth $2.3 billion. He accumulated such huge wealth from being the owner and founder of Taylor Corporation. Likewise, he is also the majority owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, the NBA basketball team that he bought in 1994.

Glen not only enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, but he also has a huge family of multiple children, whom he shares with his former spouse. Currently, he is married to Becky Mulvihill. As the businessman is famous globally, many must be enthusiasts to know about Glen Taylor’s wife. So, keep reading this article. Read More

Marc Lasry’s Wife Cathy Lasry – Love Life And Relationship

Marc Lasry is a Morocco-born American billionaire businessman and hedge fund manager. He is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Avenue Capital Group and also co-owns the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. He is considered one of the most successful personalities in the business world.

Behind the success of every man, there’s a hand of a woman. Marc would surely have difficulty being a business mogul if his spouse, Cathy Lasry, was not there for him at each stage. So, many must be wondering how did it start for the couple. Hence, please keep reading to learn about their relationship timeline and what Marc Lasry’s wife is doing these days. Read More